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Issues with payments affecting clients

Some clients may experience issues with payments. 


We would like to let you know that our engineers are aware of this issue and they are working as fast as possible to resolve this issue. We will update this thread as soon as we have more information. 

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I am having the same issue and this is a month after I see it was RESOLVED. Upwork explains it is my US Bank at fault for returning the payment, but the Bank categorically rejects that, saying no payment attempt was made.  I see that Upwork 10% Payment went through with no problem. It is now Friday morning, Upwork Call service in the UK has closed.  **bleep**e!!

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I have taken a project on 29 july 2023 from image to text i have completed the project and submitted before time now when making payments they are saying they have  transferred the payment on my PayPal account with a screenshot attached now they are saying that my PayPal account is not linked with their company payment server now they are asking to make make payment of 50 usd from my personal bank other than paypal then they will accept my PayPal account and saying they will refund my salary and my money. Kindly suggest what should i do is it authentic or some scam a prompt reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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I am facing the same problem - it shows like I have no valid transaction method saved, but the freelancer got paid normally. yet my card isn't being recognized... 

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I've tried multiple payment methods and each time Upwork says it's declined. My card companies are telling me the charges went through but were immediately refunded by Upwork. Payment issues look like a recurring problem monthly with this platform. This is my first time using the service and I'm not impressed.

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Same problem, different error message.  "Sorry, something went wrong on our end. Please refresh the page and try again. If this issue keeps happening, contact customer support."  Multiple page refreshes.  Multiple reentry of card.  No success.  Spoke with customer service 48 hours ago.  Was told I would have a resolution in 24 to 48 hours.   I am still unable to fund a milestone and keep getting this error.  Upwork is somehow processing the card, as the bank even checked if fraudulent action was being conducted.  And no follow-up from Upwork within the time they specified.  Phone support is not available on the weekend.  No email support.  Not an effective platform if you go through the hire process and can't pay freelancers.

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I got a message that my financial transactions have been limited. However, no changes have been made to my account and my profile has been verified since 2021. When I tried to resubmit my bank statement and identification the system doesnt accept my images. It seems impossible to contact support or get any response from them. Any other people with the same issue?

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I don't have any local bank account. I have added my brother's local bank account for payment withdrawal from my upwork account. I have requested for withdrawal of my payments from my upwork account in my brother's account but i did not received my payments in local bank account for last 9 days.

I requested to reverse my payments in my upwork account