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Job Posts with Verified/Unverified Payment

You may be seeing some Job Posts where the preview shows the client's payment as unverified, but the full view of the Job Post shows the payment as verified. Our engineers are aware that this is happening and they are working on a fix.


In the meantime, we can confirm the information within the Job Post itself is accurate. Meaning, that if the Job Post indicates that the client's payment method is verified, then you can be sure it is verified.





We'll let you know here as soon as we have more information.


Edited to update information. 2/15/2024


We would like to let you know that this issue is resolved


Thank you for your patience. 


Hi Marcela,


Thank you for sharing this with us and providing a screenshot. I shared this with the team and one of our support agents will be in touch soon.

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Hi Annie, thank you for your reply.


I have indeed received the message from the support team, and for the benefit of other freelancers I will now share its contents:


... I want to reassure you that this issue is currently being worked on by our engineering team. They are diligently working to ensure that the search results are in sync with the job post details.

I also want to also let you know that the information within the job post itself is accurate. Meaning, that if the job post indicates that the client's payment method is verified, then I can promise you that it is verified. The reason that you are seeing different information via the search function is due to a delay in updating that respective information. This is where the engineering team will focus their efforts in resolving this concern....


As you know, many freelancers rely on the payment verification status, and having to check in the post itself is sometimes time-consuming. Knowing that it is on the mend is reassuring, so thank you.


Have a productive day’s work everyone!



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Pfff it's not too good you have to fix it quickly otherwise it's not too good 💔

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I'm new here Can you help me find a well-paid job.I need it urgently.


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hello and thanks for ur best service 

there are so cheatting in posting jobs 

i was applied for a data entry typing english job

and it was removed after chating with my client 
i was losed 8 connects 

this is job link : https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01bc8d5008cd0318b7/

please Check out this problem

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Hi,community guys I been trying I think since last year I have work yet please kindly help me out  . I m hardworking  but please some time  I misunderstand wordings so I was a little problem so please help don't leave me like this I hope you understand me that how I m 

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Hi all


the post came up with the unverified payment method, when I clicked on it, it reads verified payment method. Which is it? Or does it have to do with when it was posted versus updated? Screenshot unverified.png


Screenshot verified.png


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It is old bug. Users reported it months ago. Noone want to fix.

Real state inside (verified).

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It really doesn't matter. The important thing is to make sure the job is funded, and/or using the hourly tracker perfectly.

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