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Payment Confirmation Email not Received - April 26

We are investigating reports of issues receiving confirmation emails after manual payment withdrawals. In most cases, we see that the withdrawal is successful despite the freelancer not receiving the email. We will provide an update as soon as more information is available.

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This issue is now resolved. We want to share, however, that the emails cannot be resent. That said, please refer to this page and check article specific to the payment method you are using and kindly monitor your bank accounts for the transaction to reflect within these timelines. If the transaction still hasn't been reflected on your account after eight business days, let us know, and we will assist you further. Please also note that bank holidays in the U.S. and your location may affect these withdrawals.


We appreciate your patience.

Community Member

I am having the same issue still, I made the withrawal yesterday 5am PH time and its almost 6am next day I still got nothing on my bank and email confirmation


Community Member

 Upwork says it's solved on 25 April. I requested payment at 26 April. But still didn't get the payment.

Community Member

Hi Avery. Still the same issue. I withdraw today April 27 and still not getting my money to my account. Why is it you are telling it was resolved yet not delivered the money to my account. It's been 2 withdrawals I am getting this kind of issue. Do we need to complain now weekly because this is not fix like what you mentioned. I got email confirmation today upwork process yet not received in my direct account.please assist. Thank you

Community Member

Hello, Upwork Community. I also experienced the same thing. Withdrawn yesterday, April 26, 2023,  and I did not get payment confirmation email, but the transaction was reflected in the transaction history. The money was still not sent to my ACH bank account today. I hope they will send an update on whether the recent transactions went through successfully or not.

Community Member

I have the same issue as well.

Community Member

I have the same issue. No email confirmation received or payment 😪 I'm really in a hurry 

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Community Member

Upwork team, please remove the "Solved" label from this thread. Perhaps "Working hard to solve it" would be more realistic?
It is evidently not solved and we freelancers are getting worried.
I would thank you if you could share some thoughts on how and when you will deliver a solution, We need to know that you are really after it.
Thanks, we all trust on you to solve this issue quickly.

Community Member

Hello everyone. I currently have my automatic payment weekly scheduled, so every wednesday when the funds surpass 100 dolars, they are automatically destined to my account. The thing is that yesterday I recieved an email with the confirmation of the payment, but untill now, I have not recieved the "Payment Processed" email, and did not recieve my funds, also. I'm only making this post because there is not any holidays or any thing like it during this week. If anyone can please help me, and clarify things a little bit and explain me about it, I would be really grateful! I even have the notification that the payment was made...


Hi Claudio,


We did have an issue with Payment Confirmation emails not being sent yesterday that has since been resolved. Unfortunately, however, we can't resend any emails that were affected during that time. Rest assured that this only affected the email and not the actual transaction being performed. So you should receive your funds in your account as per our usual timelines.


Community Member

Today is Thursday still have not received payment, I called my bank and there is no transaction showing. Upwork, please sort this out this issue has happened since the delay in emails.