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Reports > Overview not showing correct information

We are investigating an issue impacting some users which is causing the Overview page on Freelancer accounts to show incomplete information. No action is required by customers at this time as our engineering team actively works to resolve this issue. We will provide another update as soon as possible.


Update as of 4-September, 2023: 

Thank you for your patience, everyone!

Please know that this issue is now resolved. For those who have open tickets, you should have received an update on your ticket. If you continue experiencing the problem, please try basic troubleshooting steps such as clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If after doing these steps the issue persists, please create a separate post or contact the Customer Support Team directly so that you can be assisted further.

Community Member

I'm freaking out! All the work I did for last week is not showing up in review for payment for some reason. Please help 🙏 

Community Member

I have the same issue 😮


Community Member

I have the same issue. Reports page details missing.


Screenshot - 2023-09-05T041320.709.png

Community Member

i have the same issue

Community Member

I have the same problem, this morning I had all my work In Review and now I have nothing, 0 😶

Community Member

I have the same issue, I report a ticket, any news about it?

Community Member

I have the same issue

Community Member

Hi Avery, 

I'm experiencing the same issue now. My work in progress and in review are showing zero.

Community Member

Suddenly, my work-in-progress status disappeared, as did the time and amount of my task. Do you have any idea what happened? Is there a problem with my account?

Community Member

Same issue for me. Who do we contact, and how?