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Saving and Un-saving Job Feature doesn't Work Correctly

The total count of Saved Jobs doesn't change when clicking the heart button to save a new job or to remove a job from "Saved."


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Hi All,


This issue is resolved and we will be closing this thread from further comments. However, if you still experience the issue mentioned on this thread please let us know by posting in Community Support section and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.


Thank you,

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Same is here. I found other forums from early 2020's. Same problem, they said they know the issue and try to resolve. 2years have passed.

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Hi Mikayel,


I sincerely apologize for the delay in resolving this issue. Rest assured that our engineers are looking into these errors and working to address the issue that's causing them. We'll keep this thread posted with more information whenever we received an update or if it's been resolved. We seek your patience and utmost understanding while sorting this out for you. Thank you!

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Saved Jobs was working for me yesterday. Today it's stuck on displaying the same three jobs. Nothing I do will add or remove from this list. I've tried clearing cookies and multiple browsers. When I refresh saved jobs, it flashes to the real number of saved jobs, 11, then back to 3. 

No idea why this issue is marked as resolved. When the resolution is, we are looking into it. I'm fairly sure that's not a resolution. 🙂 


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I agree, after sorting out the saving/unsaving issue 3 weeks ago after my first complaint, it came up again today, and it's still there, after clearing the cache and doing all the operations indicated by their tech support team.


I am giving up on posting here. I can't spend time writing about the same issue and keep clearing the history/cache etc. over and over for months 🙁

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Yep, it's happening for me too. I had several old job posts saved and was planning to clean up that section when I discovered this bug today. I hope it's resolved soon!


Hi All, 


We appreciate your patience. I would like to let you know that this issue is now resolved. We will be closing this thread from further replies. If you need further assistance feel free to let us know in Community. 


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Status changed to: Resolved