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Unable to Receive Verification Code for Withdrawal

Some freelancers located in the Philippines may be unable to receive the one-time password (OTP)/verification code when attempting to process a withdrawal. 


We would like to let you know that we shared your reports with our team and our engineers are working as fast as possible to resolve this issue. As a workaround, you can an alternative authorization method on your Password & Security settings. 


We will update this thread once we have more information. 


Edited to update information. 6/3/2024


We would like to let you know that this issue is now resolved. We will be closing this thread from further replies. 

Community Member

Hi Upwork Support,


I am trying to do a payment withdrawal from my Upwork account to my local bank. I already have a primary withdrawal method setup. But today when I clicked on the "Get Paid" button I was not able to receive verification code on my mobile nor on my email. Could you please help me in this regard?

This is the first time I experience this concern.


Rhodley Ace P


Hi Rhodley,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with the team handling your case and one of our agents will follow up with you on your support ticket as soon as possible to assist you further. 

Community Member

Hi Support.  I've been an Upwork client from long before the pandemic and I've used several talents from your platform. I want to search for talents but I'm showing up as a Talent not a client. I have tried for hours to get to someone to address this issue but to no avail. 

Before the pandemic, there were phone support, now it's support that directs me to one place and when I get there, it sends me back to where I was. It is past the limit of frustration.

If I do not get help by this method, I will be forced to give up on ever using Upwork again.

Thanks for allowing me to vent.  Please help me!

Community Member

Good day, when I was about to process my salary, I did the usual process but when waiting for the OTP on my mobile i did not receive any, I even tried it multiple times, please help thanks.


Hi Charlie,


I am sorry to hear about the trouble while initiating a fund withdrawal. Could you please try again after clearing Cookies and Cache on your browser? You can also try using a different browser. Feel free to message us if problems persist.


- Pradeep

Community Member

Hello, i tried it again in browser and even in my phone but still no OTP is arriving, I think I read it somewhere aboutan issue on not receiving OTP in the Philippines. When i select try other methods on receiving an otp it goes to a page where it asks details and wants me to reset security questions. 


Thanks for confirming, Charlie. We’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.

Community Member

Hello, upwork support.

Am finding challenges using your platform. I have come to realize it's not possible to withdraw money from your platform to my local bank until it has accumulated to $100, and in the process of waiting for it to accumulate to $100, $25 was deducted from my Upwork account without my notice. my $25 is missing,

I have done ID verification through my phone so that my name appears the same as my upwork name, you confirmed to me that verification is successful through the phone but when I try  logging in through my laptop your system shows me that my  ID verification, failed,

I have applied to several jobs on this platform, to my surprise you deducted my connects yet in reality I did not receive the job offer, and you have not refunded my connects back.

Community Member
I have created my own account thus your comments are wrong.
Community Member
Hello please sens the code

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