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You can't submit a proposal because your account is suspended.

Some users are getting an error message when trying to submit a proposal that their account is suspended. This may also affect your My Stats page.


Error message: 

Sorry, we were unable to save your application.
You can't submit a proposal because your account is suspended.




The team is aware of the issue and working on solving it as soon as possible. We'll update this post as soon as we have more information.

Update as of June 16: 
Thank you for your patience, everyone. 
Please know that this issue is resolved for most users. If the problem persists for you, please get in touch with the Upwork Support Team for further assistance. 

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The freelancer that I hired cannot accept the contract as there is a pop up message saying that my account is suspended. Please reactivate my account so that I can proceed with the contract. The money is in escrow.

There was a message that came up about me including my website for content for my freelancer (a website created through Upwork). 


Please reactify immediately.


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Please reactivate my account.

So that I can proceed with the contract.


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  • Hello there

I recently used the Upwork platform, and I did not bypass any politics from the site, but I found that my account was suspended, although I could not get any job yet, and I did not violate the platform's rules

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Hello...today is the first day I have had time to be super active on the platform after signing up a few weeks ago. I went to submit a proposal for a job that required 6 connects, I received the error and applied again. Now I see that in my "connect proposals page" I was submitted twice with a deduction of -12 connects for the -6 connect proprosal (same job). Please add back +6 connects to my total. The job is called "marketing strategist for launching a new brand". Appreciate it 💓


Hi Tonette,


I'm sorry for any confusion that may have caused you. I can see that the required Connects to apply for the job you mentioned is 12.

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Please help me, for this is what my billing and payment,as well as getpaget are reading despite me finding no problem with my data and Wi-Fi

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ينطنتيني ينينينيت ينينيتيت

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You can't submit a proposal because your account is suspended

I see the above message when try to submit any proposal.Please, find the reason behind it and its solution.

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Hi Upwork

I have done everything required for my account to be activated again yet it's still suspended. I have filed for an appeal and I have also verifies my ID and yet my account is still suspended. Here is my ticket ID 42036421 kindly look into it and get back to me.

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Hello, I have a similar problem. My accounts for payment are already verified and when the customer wants to make a proposal it appears that they are not verified.
I can't propose a contract myself or use the "direct contract" function.
Please help me!