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Sep 20, 2023
UX/UI design practices

In this mini course, Jon discusses link color logic, simplifying information, and contextual awareness in the user journey.



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This mini course was created by Jon D. 

Jon D photo.jpegJon is the founder of DodgeUX, a digital design agency specializing in product strategy, user experience and user interface design. DodgeUX specializes in complex areas of enterprise SaaS platforms, B2B, B2C iOS and Android apps, and responsive marketing websites. Jon has close to 20 years of consulting experience in digital and non-digital design for several Fortune 100 companies like Walmart, Samsung, Visa, and Kaiser Permanente. Jon has also worked with several startups and has co-founded one that was part of StartX, Stanford University’s accelerator program. After holding key design and director roles for several companies, Jon started DodgeUX to partner with SaaS companies that are not digitally mature enough to have a product or marketing team to help with strategy, software dev processes, and UX/UI design. Jon's team is passionate about simplifying complex software for their end-users and meeting key business goals.


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