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Aug 01, 2023
Upwork profile preview

In this mini course, Robert offers tips for improving your Upwork profile preview to help you get noticed by more clients.


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Now that you know how to make your profile preview stand out, consider updating your profile to enhance the preview that clients see. Interested in getting Robert's help with your Upwork strategy? Visit his freelancer profile here.


This mini course was created by Robert O. 

Robert O'Kruk Headshot Square.pngRobert is one of the leading educators and coaches for Upwork freelancers and remote workers. He's enrolled more than 30,000 students into his Upwork-related courses and has worked one-on-one with 200+ Upwork freelancers and agencies. He’s been privately trained by Google in Canada and has been part of the Upwork Pro Sales & Marketing team and their Top Rated Freelancer program. He founded the 21,000+ member digital nomads community, the Digital Nomads Forum, and the Mindful Nomads Retreat, a mindfulness and remote work lifestyle-based educational retreat program. Robert is focused on bridging the gap between working remotely and mindfulness. He aims to help educate, inspire, and empower remote workers to live purposeful, meaningful, and happy lives.

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