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Are you looking for joining the team?

Please drop a a text about your strength if you are looking for joining a team of so writers in health care niche.

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I am so interested 

Yes, I'm interested
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I was an anesthesiologist in my past( 10 years of practise),  then I join to pharmaceutical business and untill now I work as CRA in clinical trials of new drugs in different medical fields such as cardiology, rheumatogy, endocrinology, oncology. Yes, I would like to be a member of your community

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Yes. I am Medical Microbiologist. Have 17 years of work experience in various companies. Thanks

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

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Yes, I want to join 

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Hi! I'm Zillah, a medical doctor (MBBS) and presently a Family Medicine resident doctor and concurrently running the  MD program. Interested in joining the team but new to the community as a proofreader and editor.

Yes, interested in joining the team.

I'm interested in

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Hello Jamal


I am a Pharmacist with three years of experience in drug reviews and Pharmacotherapy. Also, I do case studies analysis and review drug information.


I have experience as a research assistant in Oncology and Clinical Pharmacology units.


My core skills are questionnaire design, editing fact-correcting, PowerPoint presentations, and research writing.

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Yes i want to join the team and need a job.


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Hello, I am Adel, a fourth year medical student and I am interested


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I am an experienced Medical/Health Research Writer.

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Yes, I am interested 

I'm an Egyptian doctor and I've worked for six years as a pediatrician, medical content writer and researcher 

Hi !!
I am an administrative staff at a medical center. I am interested in work
with a medical theme adapted to my professional profile.