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How to improve your proposals?

Hello everyone,
I hope you are well and safe!
I have been using Upwork for the past year and have come to appreciate all of its features. However, I have been struggling to secure jobs, and I believe there might be something lacking in my profile, though I can't pinpoint exactly what it is.

I also have an excellent team consisting of designers and developers, all of whom are highly skilled. However, none of us seem to have mastered the art of proposal writing. We're eager for guidance. If you could, please provide insights on the following:


1) Do you have any tips for creating more effective proposals, possibly even using videos?
2) Despite having a wide range of skills, we're not landing jobs. What might be the reason?
3) Once proposals are sent, do clients actually read them?
4) I'm currently running low on Connects, and I've noticed some jobs require a substantial number of Connects. Does this mean that skills alone aren't enough?
5) I'm eager to work but struggling to find opportunities. Are there any solutions you can recommend?

Thank you very much for sharing your insights.

Tural Babashov
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I think ,most of Companies need a single major master, not a multi major fluror..