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Welcome to the Community - Please Introduce Yourself

Hello Everyone! 


This thread is here so you can introduce yourself to your fellow Community members!


You are encouraged to add some details on:

  • what you're looking to achieve with joining this Community​, 
  • what you'd love to learn from other ​freelancers, or 
  • what business processes you've got figured out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself below!

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I want to welcome everyone to the Medical Writing community on Upwork. Please free to introduce yourself here: tell us what you do, where you're from, and what you're hoping to achieve/learn from this community. 


I'm Jennifer A., and I'm located in Ohio, USA. I have 9+ years of experience in medical writing. I'm hoping the community can be a place for growth and networking in all areas of medical writing. 


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I'm Naima.N., and I'm located in Rawalpindi, PAK. I have some experience in medical writing such as thesis ,synopsis etc. I'm hoping the community can be a place for growth and networking in all areas of medical writing. 

Welcome to the Medical Writing group, Naima. It's great to have you here!

Thank you!

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This is Bhushan Gautam from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am first year med student.As a enthusiastic learner, I hope the group members cooperative really well. I can write topics related to medicine

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Hey everyone.

I am Anum Syyam from Pakistan. I have more than 5 years of experience in medical writing on a wide variety of topics and niches from biological sciences to healthcare.

I love to work as a medical writer and want to learn more in this area in the light of recent advancements. I would like to grow my network by connecting with others to learn more about client communication from their experience and to be successful in getting more jobs.

Asslam alaikum, Anum!

I am also a medical writer, and I am graduated in medicine!


Thanks & regards!

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I'm Dr Suma ,gynaecologist currently practicing in India. I love writing medical articles and I have my publication in pubmed indexed journals .

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Hello Jennifer,

It's great to connect with the Upwork community.

This is Habib, a remote bookkeeper.


  • I am looking forward to achieving some thoughts and insights from this community.
  • I would love to learn from other freelancers about their success strategies.

Hope this communication will make a tremendous contribution to my upcoming career.


Best Regards,

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Thank you for the invite. I am a writer with nursing experience. I have been on Upwork for several months and have had good luck with some long term contracts. I am hoping to learn how to leveredge my 27 years of  experience as a nurse into a writing career. Looking forward to learning from this crew! Thanks.


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I am Romel, a medical doctor and digital marketer from Indonesia. Nice to meet you all guys!!

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By joining this community I'm hoping it will help me network with others. 

  • I would love to hear other's experience working through projects on upwork and whether it not they landed long-term employment opportunities.
  • I'm great with helping create brands and helping organizations develop their branding strategies and am great with social media content marketing. 
Marketing and Branding is my passion.
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Hi everyone! 

Thanks for the invite. My name is Matilda, I am from the Netherlands and I am in the second year of medical school. I have a deep passion for the medical field, with an emphasis on holistic medicine and psychology. Additionally, I am deeply stimulated by writing. I have worked on a couple of projects, but I am looking for a mid-to-long-term project to sustain myself and practice my writing skills. 

If anyone needs some quality medical texts in English, Italian or Dutch, let me know!

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Hi everyone, I am Sanjaya Chauhan from Nepal. I am trained as a clinical pharmacologist with a diploma in medical statistics from the Stanford University School of Medicine. I have over seven years of experience as a medical writer. I'm hoping that Upwork will let me offer my services as a medical writer, and maybe the Upwork community will help me improve my abilities even more. Thank you.

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Hello,  I'm Grace Chukwuekwu



1. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science(Biomedical Science)



1."Infection Prevention and Control and Healthcare Waste Management" by USAID.

2. "Quality Management system in Medical Laboratory Practice" by FHI360 



1 "COVID-19 Training For Healthcare Workers" by Stanford University

2. "Project Management: Healthcare Projects" by Linkedin

3. "Understanding Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)" by Linkedin

4. "Writing Case Studies" by Linkedin

5. "Unconscious Bias" by Linkedin

6. "Schizophrenia and Its Treatment" by Wesleyan University.

7. "SEO Certified" by HubSpot Academy

8. "Inbound Marketing Certified" by HubSpot Academy.

9. "Medical Cannabis for Pain Control" by Israel Institute of Technology.

10. "Suicide Prevention" by Wesleyan University.


I wish to join a medical writing agency, does anyone have tips on this?

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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Surbhi. I am a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer-blogger-author by passion. I have 5 years of medical writing experience. I am glad to be a part of this amazing community. looking forward to getting connected with you all .thanks

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Hello everyone,

My name is Murigi Wainaina from Kenya. I have a diploma in Clinical Medicine and a higher national diploma in Anaesthesia. I also have a diploma in Non-Communicable Diseases from AMREF. I am a selfpublished author with a some books on Amazon. One is on nutritional supplements for the digestive system while the others are on creative fiction writing.

My main niche in medical writing is informational such as articles (both long and short form), blogs, web pages, ebooks, product description. I don't do academic writing.

I am looking for growth and work opportunities, and maybe making new friends with similar interests in writing both fiction and nonfiction books.

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Hi! Im Lily. Im a Specialist Paediatric Dentist, Academic Writer and Medical/Dental Content Writer from the UK. I've written professional academic research papers, journal articles, hospital leaflets, blog posts and website content for the dental and medical community for 10 years. I have a BDS degree, my MPaed degree, a PG Diploma in Medical Education and am also completing an MSc. I'm fairly new to Upwork and looking to expand my freelance writing, as this is what I really enjoy!

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Hi, I am Joseph and I am a Nigerian. I am a 4th year medical student from the best University in West Africa, the University of Ibadan, and I am into medical article writing. I look forward to learning from members of this community and partnering with them on some day.

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Hi everyone Im Evangeline Tagle from Philippines BS Nursing specialized in Geriatric and Psychiatric wards as of now im still accepting home visit client .When i was in Singapore i started my interest writting about my nursing knowledge and medical condition articles because my manager always conduct mental with health conditon so he always ask me to have a lecture twice a month since then my friend always asking me about somes health conditon specialized in mental behaviors handling with health conditon and was posted on thier books and magazines..thank you for accepting me here

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Hi, I'm a medical doctor ( MBBS in Medicine and surgery ) with a specialization degree in ICU and anesthesia. I have experience in the medical writing field (research, article edition, reviewing, and medical coding and billing) for more than 8 years. Also, I have great experience in making original practice MCQ questions for USMLE, MRCP, MRCS etc. 

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It's great to meet everyone! My name is Holly Pope and I'm from the state of Missouri in the US. I earned my PhD in Pharmacological and Physiological Science in 2014. I've been a full-time medical writer for about a year and a half with a focus on neurovascular medical devices. The types of projects I've worked on include systematic literature reviews/meta-analyses, CERs, CSRs, manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals, and conference posters. I joined UpWork to take on side-projects whenever I have a low workload and to increase my experience with different types of projects and content areas.

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I’m okeanyanwu Godswill, a 300 level medical student in college of medicine,university of nigeria Enugu. 

I have orchestrated many community medical movement for different disturbing  health issues in some states. My aim here is to learn from like minds ad know how to put meaningful things down using freelancing not only for money but for passion as a medic