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Bidding $ rate issue and no live chat!

Active Member
Jibran A Member Since: Mar 8, 2012
Hi! I am trying to place bids on different jobs and it never happened before but today, no matter on which job I bid on, the rate alert comes up and shows me that I have to put minimum of $3.6 in the box of "Paid to you" and $4 in the box of "charged to client" in order to proceed with my bid. I don't understand this! Is it really oDesk has placed restrictions of putting rate of their choice in the bids or some technical problem? I dont know but this thing has started since the past week and happening more today than ever before. Additionally, it is now happening that whenever I click beck from a job post or two, an ad of "Travian the game" shows up in pop up window and that really annoys me and on top there is no live chat available anywhere. I really wonder what is going on? Can somebody help? Thank you! Best Regards: oDesker Jibran Ahmed
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Faisal B Member Since: Aug 18, 2009
Seems like you need to clear your cookies, cache and history from your web browser and try to run Anti Virus on your PC for full scan. On my side, everything is working perfectly fine. I don't know rest of oDesker facing this issue or not. I hope it helps.
Faisal B. Lier, Norway.
Community Guru
Natasha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
[quote=Ayesha Sadaf Kamal]Hi everyone, We are constantly testing different levers to increase the efficiency of the oDesk marketplace to ensure clients are finding the freelancers they need and freelancers are getting the jobs that they are best suited for. We have several tests running to understand what impact a minimum wage would have on the marketplace. As this is a complex area, we expect to run these tests in the marketplace for a significant time period. However we are not currently implementing a universal minimum wage. Hope this helps![/quote]
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Kamal U Member Since: Jul 22, 2011
How long this test will Run by Odesk? As a result of this test no new work for last 1 month.