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Client feedback and job score

Community Guru
Tanzeel Z Member Since: May 26, 2015



One of my clients invited me at Upwork. They gave me the work and then filed a dispute against me. My amount was paid via another platform. I gave them a refund at Odesk/Upwork. 


My clients just stopped responding to me. The job was for about 1 year. We did work together for 15 days and then nothing happened. They blocked me on Skype, gmail,and paused the contract. I did not know that giving a refund will affect my job score. This inactive contract was disturbing the job score so I have ended this contract. Please note that "no payment" was made through Upwork. 


I do not what feedback will I get from the other party. Possibly, they never liked my work and so they never bothered to answer my emails/messages. 


How does this contract affect my job success score on Upwork? I am assuming that the client will never respond to me or they will leave a 1-star rating for this project. 


How do we handle such situations? 

Ace Contributor
Fatima A Member Since: Sep 26, 2013

I suggest you post this in the community discussions forum. I don't know how actively the mods check the country groups, but your case sounds like fraud and feedback blackmail. Upwork needs to investigate it.

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Naushad A Member Since: Dec 17, 2014

Hi S. KA,


Thank you for sharing your experience with client,


First of all i would like to inform you that Freelancer or client not allow to make any payment outside upwork any hwo in any case,


and if you don't reciened Paymnet via you will not able to make any refund to client.(You will have only option for refund via Upwork if you get paid by


If you accept Payment outside and perform work on Upwork it means that you did not follow Upwork policy.


As per Policy that you can not accept Payment outside Upwork in any case and if Client asking to make payment outside Upwork you have to report for that client same time and Upwork quality team take necessory action against that client quickly, but if client offer to make Payment outside and you accepted client offer and accept Payment outside then you are also breaking Upwork policy and Upwork team will also take action against you.