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Does USD wire transfer to USD Account (foreign currency account) in any bank in Pakistan work?

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Aamir S Member Since: Feb 4, 2012
From Pakistan, recently I have transferred amount ($3000/-) in dollar currency to dollar account in bank alfalah, they told me that it is against the policy of the state bank to credit dollar amount into dollar account for web application developer working on oDesk. To reiterate: "wire transfer in dollar currency instead of local currency to dollar account in Pakistan" does anybody from Pakistan in any bank has recently wire transfer(USD) to USD Account? I appreciate if you share your experience.
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
Hi Aamir, I don't know why Bank Alfalah said this to you, since I personally use USD wires and have a foreign currency account, my last withdrawal was last month, Sep 25th, and the funds were credited as dollars in my account (SCB). I have been using this foreign currency account since last year and have had no issues with it so far. You should call up some other bank to confirm Alfalah's claim. This doesn't sound right.
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Wasim S Member Since: Oct 16, 2015
Hi Ayesha; I am yet to withdraw my first payment and I don't see a Wire Transfer option offered by Upwork to receive the amount in my USD bank account in Allied Bank. Could you please tell me which payment option were/are you using? Thanks in advance; Wasim
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Ali A Member Since: Dec 31, 2015

Once you add a new bank account it will give you option to choose currency after adding. 

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Yasir A Member Since: Jul 26, 2015

I have a USD (FC) Account with Allied. Last year I was able to receive funds on that account, but since the new budget's been announced, they have been transferring all of the wired USD funds to my local (PKR) account.
I have spoken to a few people and a few banks and have received mixed replies on this. SCB and Allied say that it's a State Bank policy that you can now receive wired funds only as PKR. UBL and Habib say there's no such thing and I should totally open an account with them. We all know what could be their motives there.
So wondering if there's any update or anybody experience anything different