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Fund Transfer to Pakistan, Better Option, LFT or US Dollar Account?

Active Member
Sardar Atif H Member Since: Oct 27, 2015


I've earned money on Upwork and need to transfer almost $ 600 in my account. I have two different Account against my name in "Askari Bank of Pakistan".

1. Foreign Currency Account in US Dollars ($)

2. Local Currency Account in Pak Rupees.


Both the Accounts are verified, both have Swift code and IBAN No. Kindly tell me the rate of transfer/ deduction on each transfer in case:-

1. I transfer the amount in Dollar in my foreign currency account, Transfer Fee or deduction?

2. I transfer the amount in Rupees in my local currency account, Transfer Fee or deduction?

Please put me wise on the subject.

Waiting for the reply.


atif habib
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014

Hi Atif,


When you make a wire transfer in US dollars in addition to $30 fee, your bank may charge a fee or currency exchange percentage to receive international wire transfers. If your bank uses an intermediary and/or correspondent bank, it may charge an additional fee, either a flat fee or a currency spread. You should contact your bank to find out more about those fees.


When you withdraw your earnings using the Local Fund Transfer, the currency conversion is performed by Upwork’s bank before the funds are sent to you based on the conversion rate at that moment. No intermediate banks are necessary in that case.

~ Valeria
Active Member
Awais S Member Since: Dec 11, 2015



As per State Bank of Pakistan's law any foreign currency transaction (in your case $) via a company (in your case Upwork) will come to your PKR account and not your foreign curreny account. This doesn't applies when an individual is sending you foreign remittance. 


Best is to contact your bank on their help line and ask their remittances charges/rates etc


Thank you,