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Payment Receiving Problem

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Muhammad F Member Since: Apr 16, 2010
Hi, Can anyone suggest me a better payment method to receive money here in Pakistan. Currently, I am using Skrill to receive funds but I do not know whether its Skrill's fault or my local bank's fault which is keep on delaying my funds. On the other hand Odesk is also offering a wire transfer payment method but the rates are not competitive at all. I am using Allied Bank to receive funds, this bank's remittance department in Karachi is really very slow in forwarding international payments. Skrill is also calming that it is my bank which is delaying my fund. Can anyone suggest me a better national or international bank (except Standard Charter) which can be used to receive funds swiftly here in Pakistan and also with better conversation rates.
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Babar A Member Since: Sep 23, 2008
Fahad, I have been using Skrill from last 3 years it was working fine till Dec 2013 but now onwards it taking too much time to process the payment. Earlier it was taking 3-4 business days but now it taking around 8-12 working days and skrill or local bank charging 15-25 USD per transaction. I'm also looking for LFT method seems to me good for PK freelancers. But not sure which bank is best work with LFT method. Few users says that HBL is best and few said that UBL is best and some of others says that ABL is best. Can anyone reply here and let me know which bank is work perfectly with LFT method ? Also mention in how many days payment arrive and is there any sort of charges for bank ?
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Rizwan M Member Since: Nov 6, 2010
Hi Fahad! The best way is to have a US $ account, you'll get $$$ straight away in your account and then you can go to open market to exchange them. (This method works better when you have probably a large amount of earning that you want to withdraw.) The other best method is LFT. In this way you ll get your earning in Pak rupees in your simple PKR account.
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