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Transfer from individual name or oDesk

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Kamran A Member Since: May 12, 2010
Hello Everyone I Want to open a bank account in Pakistan for wire transfer (PKR).Can you please guide me which bank is best for Local Funds Transfer(LFT)? (ABL,Meezan Bank,UBL)
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sajjad a Member Since: Apr 28, 2010
I am using ABL for oDesk transactions. First I used skril for money withdrawl from oDesk but now using ABL for transactions. I am receiving money within 2 days.
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Salman H Member Since: Jul 9, 2010
Hi how are you ? Thats great to know that its faster than SKRILL but i want to know about the fees ?
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Nazneen A Member Since: Dec 12, 2015


Did you set up your Local Funds Transfer using the debit card or credit card?  I was trying to set up using my debit card but was getting some error. I contacted the bank, but they said that the service is only available with credit card. But I still want to confirm it. 

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FAHAD A Member Since: Aug 1, 2008
Kashif, Please tell me, will you receive money from oDesk name or individual account name ?? because bank have some kind of restrictions.
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Ali K Member Since: May 27, 2015

i think HBL is not more work fro withdraw

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Asad M Member Since: Jul 4, 2015

Hello Everyone!


- Which Pakistani bank is best to receive money using Local Funds Transfar?

- Can you please explain how Payoneer works to get money in Pakistan? I've payoneer card but haven't used once.


Looking forward to hearing from you friends, thank you Smiley Happy


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Mahnoor N Member Since: Sep 2, 2015



1. As per my experience of 3 years, HBL works best. I have faced no problems and my payments come through within 1-2 working days. 

2. Payoneer, according to me, is not very feasible. Read this:

  • It takes about a month if everything is perfect and if there are any flaws or issues while you were registering your account on Payoneer, it can take a lifetime to get the card - or even, you never get the card.
  • Payoneer charges a lot, they have card activation fee, withdrawal fees (everytime you withdraw an amount from ATM), transfer fee (when you transfer your funds from freelancing platform to Payoneer, e.g. Upwork to Payoneer), and annual fee as well.
  • There are certain withdrawal limits on ATMs and it varies from ATM to ATM. So if you have 5000USD and ATM withdrawal limit is just 20000 PKR (200USD), which is on many ATMs, that means you have to do many transaction to get 5000USD and you will be charged an ATM withdrawal fee on each transaction. So end of the day, you end up paying a lot! 

    LFT is the best option because even on large amounts you end up paying only $5 per withdrawal, and that too is charged by Upwork.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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Sohaib T Member Since: Feb 17, 2016

When setting up an HBL account for LFT, are we required to fill the 'remittance information' field or is it not required? It says 'optional' underneath.

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Hi Sohaib,


Although optional, I'd strongly advise you to enter all the information, to ensure your bank would process your withdrawals without any delays. You can contact your bank to get further information and check about possible incoming remittance fees.


Make sure you also complete the W-8BEN tax information, which you can find by going to Settings > Tax Information.