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need guidance and help.

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Hadiqa J Member Since: Sep 7, 2015

hi every one, i need help. Im new here and i joined this thing bcz i wanted to work and earn something on m own. Im good at art and i draw sometimes and also good at illustrations and i can do data typing and translations and things like that, But i havent worked before and i dont know anything professionalism. so how should i present myself to get to work, can anyone review my profile and tell me what are the flaws and what should i do make it even better? and also i dont seem to know that where can i open the ID card verification thing i still have to upload my ID.

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Shaheer w Member Since: Sep 11, 2015

Hi There,


First I'd like to congratulate you for steping out here and decided to earn something on your own! It's fine if you don't know much about proffessionalisam, what you really need is the will and consistency to earn and trust me if you have that in you than your efforts will be paid off (very soon)! 

I can't not really spoon feed you everything but I can give you the hlights or somewhat the direction which will lead to your very first client.

First and most important NEVER quit! If you have joined this site and developed your profile (which has many flaws) doesn't mean you will start to get the clients instantly.

Second focus on those skills in which you think you are really good! don't wast your time in expriments. for example if you are good in designing and focus on it! hilight its all points and show who ever sees your profile that you have got some talent.


About your profile "Urdu and Punjabi Translator" dosent really work for you. You have to come up with something which the client really needs.


3rd visit upwork daily for about 20 to 30 mins. try to get a hold of how things work here, what are the procedures here, how you can make bids on the projects which best matches you skill set. (this last part is really importat).


I wish you very best of luck for you future endevors here.