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20-50 proposals on every job in job feed

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Brijesh T Member Since: Sep 3, 2020
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It has been crazy after the last "credits" update. Almost every job, 8 out of 10, have crazy amount of bids in little time after job posting. They go 15-20 bids in less than 30 mins and 20-50 in less than 60 minutes.


Previously, it used to be 5-10 bids - making applying to jobs feel approachable & rewarding.


Now seeing a job in the job feed is no more a "feel good" experience. It's not fun to apply to jobs anymore.


I sincerely request Upwork Team to rethink their "more credits" approach from last update. Why? Clients often say that they receive "too many" proposals and they get "overwhlemed" by so many proposals.


Hoping this will be resolved soon. Please see screenshots.


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