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3 months age on upwork but yet to land job😔

Hello, loving people.


I come in peace to ask for help from you all officials.

I have been on Upwork for more than 3 months now and have not gotten a job have submitted up to 30 proposals but no job.

I'm seriously not happy because of the feeling that is good at what I do and I can apply my best in every job I submit a letter to, but hasn't landed a job. Even after interviews, they end up saying sorry, someone else has been given the job.


I'm just confused is Upwork meant for a particular set of people?


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Hey Hezekiah, please place your Summary into 3 short paragraphs - it's too long. It doesn't appear that the Title and the Summary match the Skills that were picked? Create a flexible cover letter that is 100 words or less and let's see what happens after these modifications. Have a wonderful weekend in Nigeria!

Thank you sir for your response I so much appreciate it. What summary are you talking about please.

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@Hezekiah Victor C  

first of all you need to correct your profile title your works dons't match your profile title and first thing to achive clients its your profile title 

second one is your profile overview is very deficult to understand what you do for people 

Please that is why I posted it here for you guys to help me out. I appreciate your response thank you so much.


How can I change my profile title and what's the overview of a thing I don't get. Go through my profile and check for me.

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Hey Hezekiah,


I would tell you to create a professional profile and make sure to fill out all of the necessary information in your Upwork profile, including your skills, experience, and education. Additionally, make sure to include a clear and professional profile picture.


In case you are just copy-pasting each proposal, you need to tailor your proposals: When applying for jobs on Upwork, it's important to take the time to tailor your proposals to each individual job posting. This means researching the client and their needs and then writing a proposal that demonstrates how you can meet those needs.


I hope it helps! 


Thank you so much.

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