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3D modelling job for 3D printing question

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Ferdian S Member Since: Sep 29, 2016
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Hi everyone Smiley Happy


I am still new at upwork, and have some questions about how to get a job/how to be hired.


  1. I provide services of making 3D models for 3D printing, the problem is, there are no qualification test for this particular skill in upwork (CMIIW). Yes, there are test for 3D Max, but I'm not using that software. I use Zbrush, Sculptris and a bit of Blender as my main tools, IMO the software is not important as long as the model is qualified for 3D printing. For that matter, I use Cura Makerbot and Simplified slicer for testing the model. Should I mention this in my profile?
  2. When I looking for the job there are; entry, intermediate, and expert experience level. With my experience on the fields, I could say that I am at least at intermediate experience level, but as new member, should I apply for entry job level? I'm asking this because on some other website, it is a good idea to build reputation first despite the poor income
  3. Let say there are a job for making character for 3D printing with $100 budget and 1 month deadline, then I make proposal like this :

 "Hi there, I've read through the details of your project, and I'd love to get involved with that, I'm pretty sure I could finish  the project in a week, maybe less. I have 5 years experience on of making 3D models for 3D printing and I use Cura and Simplified as slicer for testing the model, so I'm pretty sure your model will printed properly.  Just tell me the dimension and I would scale and positioned the file correctly.


For your consideration, In the attachment you will see some of my work that i think related to your project






My question is, is my proposal good enough? Should I add more information? 

Thanks for the answer Smiley Happy

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Ferdinan,


Unfortunately, currently there aren't many skill tests for 3d modeling but the team is in the process of adding new ones. Meanwhile, you can take other available tests (for example you can take a couple of English tests to prove your communication skills) and add some certifications. 


Entry, Intermediate and Expert isn't referring to freelancers' experience on Upwork, but their experience in the field they are working in and their rates. So you can go ahead and start applying for Intermediate and Expert jobs if you feel like you have skills and enough experience to complete those jobs. 


~ Valeria
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Ferdian S Member Since: Sep 29, 2016
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Thanks for your response Valeria, I'll take the test as you suggest. I really hope the test will be available soon Smiley Happy



Community Guru
Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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Hi Ferdian,


I just have a couple of points about your proposal, from a client's perspective:


1) The first couple of sentences are what the client will see in the applicant list (unless they had some additional questions you had to answer). That's your chance to grab the client. You're wasting valuable real estate with yoru greeting and your statement that you want to be involved - of course you do, that's why you're applying.


2) You have a lot of "pretty sures" and "I thinks" in your letter. You don't sound confident and assuring.


3) I'm in a different field so I don't know what clients in your field expect, but I don't know if they would always know those technical terms you used (names of your tools, I guess), or care about them. You might consider leaving them out.


4) The main thing to remember is to use the cover letter to show the client how you can solve their problem. Make it all about the client, not about you.


Good luck!