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$40,000 fixed price active proposal???

I'm confused about this fixed price.  I know I should be discussing this with the client but the thing is, i already mentioned in the coverletter "The budget of 40,000 sounds reasonable to me, and I'm excited to discuss compensation further during the interview. I believe that my skills and expertise would make me a valuable addition to your team." I was trying to hint about the 40,000 in case it was a mistake but there was no interview, just straight to instructions about the job. So I'm wondering, is this a normal tactic? for clients to set a high fixed price and possibly not need to pay the amount they posted for fixed price? The only options I see are to change terms or withdraw proposal. Anyone know my issue here?

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usually a big client won't just give a newbie 40k for a job. It could just be a scam. You can put any number in the budget it means nothing.


Hi Elvis,

Viacheslav is right. Sometimes, the unrealistic amount in the budget can just be a placeholder. We recommend discussing the details of your job requirements and budget during the interview process to avoid any confusion. Also, review the offer carefully before you initiate the work.


Thank you,


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$40,000 may indeed be the budget for the PROJECT.


That is a reasonable number for a client to type.


That does not mean that the freelancer will get paid $40,000 for the first milestone task.


The number does not really mean anything. If you are interested in the project, then send a proposal and discuss what the initial steps will be and go from there.


If a client is discussing how to get stared, that is normal. If the first task is to create Module A, and the payment for that is $500, and that is a fair price that you would be happy to accept, then accept the contract to do Module A.


You don't need to discuss the total project budget. That is really none of your business. At this point in time, you are being hired to do Module A.

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