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A question regarding job search.

Hello All,


I haven't been on upwork in years. However, I would like to start Freelancing part time. I do work Full Time as a Creative Writer for a Radio Station. All I do is write commercials for clients. I have been trained to do more, like write Station ID's and I have written one TV ad (When I was in Broadcasting School). So how do I find work in the same field? What keywords do I have to put in the search bar? Plus I do need help with my resume is that is possible. Can anybody help me here? I'm already frustrated with the search on my own.

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Hello Christina,


You may use our Advanced Search feature by simply clicking the Advanced Search button. A window will pop-up on your screen where you can choose from the search options available. You may choose the bottom-most field and type "Writing". You'll be able to see a drop-down list of skills related to writing. Please see screenshot attached for more information. You may also read these articles to help you write a proposal and enhancing your profile. Thank you!searchJobss.JPG

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