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A way to reset Job Success Score.

So, you meet a rude client and things go south, and even if you try to forget the horrible experience, that client leaves a terrible review and ruins your reputation.
And Upwork doesn't have anything against it.
We need a way to reset it because It's incredibly stupid and for people who only work long-term with 3-4 clients, this is a nightmare.
So, is there anything we can possibly do besides trying to get lots of good reviews for one-time clients?

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I think if a client wants to leave a bad review to ruin anyone it should be mandatory to explain the score giving, right now they are seen to be required to give the score number and they just bail out of this. If we get bad reviews UpWork stops making money from us, I got a client who hire me to solve a problem and before I started they resolve the problem and I was given a bad score that now is affecting my reputation that end up in less work so UpWork is up with you too.  If this is not corrected I will look for another platform for sure. 

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There is a way. All contracts disappear from the calculation after 24 months. Nothing you need to do for that to happen. 

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