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About job success score

I have completed every job successfully and in some cases, the client wasn't respond anything for 2-3 month so I have closed those jobs. My problem is why my job success score is only 50 %? 

is those unresponsive clients that I have close contact is affecting my success score? How can I fix this?

please help.

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Kazi Ashique E wrote:

 My problem is why my job success score is only 50 %?

You have only 2 contracts that ended with feedback.

One went well, one did not.

Half good

Half bad (The client has given virtually everyone else full marks)

= 50%


You can fix it by doing a great job for any future clients and encourage clients to close contracts as soon as the work is done.

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Exactly, they are affecting. The only you can do - get new contracts and end them with perfect private and public feedback.
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