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About my first success job on Upwork

I am school student. I signed up for Upwork a year ago and couldn't find any jobs. Thus, I signed out this field and thought Upwork is not for me. Then I watched a lot of videos on YouTube relating to Upwork, how to get first job on Upwork and so on. After that, on January 1st, 2023 I came back here with some experience, made many changes to my Upwork profile: changed my profile photo, passed Upwork verification, added more skills, added a lot of requires information and reached 80% profile completion. I had 120 connects. Because Upwork gives 10 connects every month. I started to send proposal for big salary jobs, if they prefer experts than beginners. After lost many connects I understood that if client wants experts, he/she never hires beginner. I was working as PDF formatting, document conversion expert. Then I sent proposals beginners jobs but continued to fail. Then I decided to change my work and started to work as copywriter. I am native Uzbek. So I looked for Uzbek copywriting jobs and sent proposal for "Uzbek speaking copywriter for gambling project". Finally, they hired me. I had to work and study at the same time. They sent me first Terms of References and said: "it was a small test task for you. It will be paid for (I'll set a milestone) if the task is done according to the requirements with no grammar mistakes. If the task is done not according to the requirements, it won't be paid for". I was afraid, because I didn't understand TR at the beginning. I read it again and again. Then finally understood and started to write article. Then I sent it to the client. He suggested me make some changes and I did this according to his comments. After this task he paid me $7. I was glad. Because it is my first success after a lot of fail. He paid me $15 for 1000 words. We worked together from January 23 to March 7. I earned $148 during this period. We will work again if there is any Uzbek jobs.


~Thank you for your time.

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Wow, that's great, bro courage. Get me involved any time

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Thanks for sharing this with us, Fakhriddin. It sure is encouraging.  ðŸ’ª

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Thanks for sharing! 

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awsome, help me guide how do I get the first job here in upwork, I am video editor


Bro, I am beginner, too. But there is one difference between you and me: I got my first job. I mean, I can't help you to success. But I can give some suggestions.


First, complete your profile. Add your diploma and certificates and other requirements. Add your own photo to your profile. 


Second, change your hourly rate to less than experts. 


Third, try to write client's name on your letter. They are all I know, I think they can help you. But I can't promise nothing.

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Hello. I am also from Uzbekistan. How are you transfering your earned money into cash?



I withdraw my earnings to Payoneer.

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Congratulations!! You may also want to check out the Academy to continue your great success!

Edited to add that since you specialize in this type of work and this language, if you have'nt done so already you should consider setting up a project catalog.

Best of luck to you.

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Congratulations! Keep moving forward!

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