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About portfolio

Why always my portfolio project/Cover images showing blurred? I am uploading the exact sizewise Images but showing always in blurred.
Can you please help me out?

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Retired Team Member

Hi Jinal,


Could you please send me screenshots from your end via PM (click on my name) so that I can check this and assist you further? Thank you.

~ Goran
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If you're referring to the thumbnail images, yes they're blurry and have been that way for years. I've read other threads on this problem and tried the suggestions that others have mentioned, to no avail, so I've given up now. It seems like the only thing that you can do is provide a link to your portfolio on another website (but make sure that it doesn't contain any contact information) and/or attach images to your proposals. 


I have two crisp ones on my profile, and the rest are blurry. I wish I could remember what I did to make them crisp. I CAN tell you that it's a png file and it's 4000x2667 which seems absurdly large but they are crisp.

It has been like that for years and there is no solution from our end. There are countless posts about this with people trying to hack the issue but none of the tricks actually works. Upwork will eventually fix it one day... but it definitely looks BAD, especially for freelancers who work with images such as photographers, graphic designers, illustrators.


No matter what size and/or dimensions you use or if you apply a sharp filter or not. The system will automatically change the image you are uploading into another version it creates by itself. That's what happens, the system compresses and "destroys" your image. What you see is the thumbnail made by the system, not by you.


I realized it mostly happens when the image you upload involves any kind of photograph or color blending. If your image has plain colors with no antialiasing at all maybe it will not suffer the extra compression the system puts on it and it will be displayed properly or with a very subtle blur almost unnoticeable. The problem could also lies on a floating point issue inside the website HTML code that we can't control either.

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