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About " Payment Not Verified " Upwork Plus Clients

Hello Community 😃


I would like to know about Payment Not verified Upwork Plus Clients.

I have some questions to ask.


1.   Are they verified?
2.  Is we start project with them how to get our payements?
3.  Are there any issues if we work with them?


Waiting for your respones

looking forward to discuss with you


Have a good day
Stay safe 😎

Community Member

"Payment Not Verified" means the client has not yet run their credit card through the process which verifies that it's a valid card. This usually means simply that they have yet to hire their first UW freelancer. It is perfectly safe and reasonable to submit proposals to job posts that otherwise seem like good opportunities for you. If you and the client reach agreement and they send you an offer, then it is important that they verify their payment method before you start work.


IMPORTANT NOTE: A verified payment method does not absolutely guarantee that nothing will go wrong. The verification process simply checks that the card is valid, not that the person using it is the owner. Many scammers have verified payment methods because they are using stolen cards and their scams depend on moving fast before the theft is discovered. 


UW is a global marketplace where clients and FLs can connect with each other, HOWEVER, it is up to each party to assess their own risk in doing business here. Read the information provided for new FLs before you leap in. 

Thank you for response,

I got it

Community Member

Even if the card has been run through, that DOES NOT mean it hasn't been stolen or that it can be used to make a payment, which won't be discovered until AFTER Upwork tries to charge it.

Thank you for response,

I got it.

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