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Accidentally paid in wrong currency


I made an agreement to pay a freelancer $850 CAD (£500 GBP), but I made a mistake and paid out $850 USD. My card is clearly set in CAD. When I paid for the funds to be put in Escrow, all that was displayed was "$850", with no specification as to if that is USD or CAD. Could this please be changed to the correct amount, or can the transaction be canceled, please? The money is currently in Escrow.

Thank you

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Hi Gabriel,

I can confirm that Upwork has charged your credit card in your local currency (CAD) as will continue to be the case with any future charges unless you opt out of paying in your local currency.


Please refer to this notification I received: 

Hi Gabriel,

I apologize for the confusion regarding my initial response.

Your currency is set to the local currency which is (CAD), however please note that all prices, rates, and transactions you see in proposals, contracts, reports etc. are always in U.S dollars. The currency shown across the Upwork platform is in US dollars to avoid confusion, only your card will be billed in local currency.

What you can do now is to either close the contract and request a refund from the freelancer and then set up a new contract with a different amount funded, taking consideration that it is US dollars. Or you can keep your current contract and then release a partial amount upon completion and then close the contract and request a refund of the remaining amount from the freelancer.


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