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Account Suspended - No spelling errors


My account was suspended for having grammar/spelling errors. 

There are no spelling errors, only words like Atlassian, which the system doesn't recognize. Which is a company.....

There's no one to contact about this and you cant reply to the notification. Horrible support on this website considering they suspend your account for every small detail.


Wow. Thank you for the helpful information. I kind of feel attacked for no reason. 


I used the word suspended, because it said "suspended" in the green box when I logged on and viewed my profile. Not sure why, but it said that. 


I have fixed the error in my title and hopefully the problem will be solved through that. Thanks for the help!

Don't feel attacked. It's not meant that way.  Funny story, one time I was interviewing for a project and the client pointed out a spelling error in my overview.  Ironically it was the word "accuracy" lolol.  I still got the project and she found it funny, but still I was a little embarrassed about it.  

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If it does say "suspended" when it should say "on hold", Upwork should change the wording to avoid confusion.

It wouldn't be the first time that UW's choice of words is off / inaccurate.


Sorry Jenna.

If Jenna is still reading these posts, there's still one grammatical error in her profile. Where it says,

"elimination any blockers that disrupt the continuation of work."


it should say,

"eliminating any blockers that disrupt the continuation of work."

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