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Account suspended

Someone Used All the Information and created many accounts on my name. And yesterday I have created a new account in my name with original information. And he got suspended.

Kindly I request you please delete all the other accounts that are in my name so I can create a new account in my name and start work on Upwork. 

And I want to know why my account is suspended?

I don't know who is using my information for creating accounts in my Name.


I'm providing you with all the information on which I want to create an account so Upwork gives me the message that it's already in use. I want them to remove everything related to the information that prevents me from creating my account. I hope that Upwork will allow me to create a new account to solve this problem and will not disappoint me.



Hi Muzaffar,


I've shared your situation with the team and one of our agents will be reaching out to you via a support ticket to assist you further.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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