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Account verification

Hello, I saw that you have updated the terms and conditions for creating new profiles. I have a profile that is created on o-desk , but i haven't been using it since. Do i need to verify my profile? 

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Hi Bojan,

Looks as though your profile was transferred over just fine, however if we need you to verify your profile at any point, then you will receive a notification directly regarding this request.


Hi Nina,

In continue of this discussion, I am so sorry to include myself, but Bojan is my friend and asked me to write this message to you. 

- He can't reach Contact Support, he can't do Reply in this discussion and he can't message you directly. 

Can you Please contact him directly (message) or by email or somehow, because he is having troubles with his account and can't reach the support.

We really appreciate your help

Hi Martin,

While we won't be able to share info regarding another person's account here in the Community, I'll follow up with the team about you friend's account issues.

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