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Hrenciuc D Member Since: Oct 4, 2019
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I apologise in advance if these questions were answered previously, however I haven't found the answers I'm seeking.

1. How do I know if a job is still active ? I mean, I can scroll on and on and find many jobs but how do you know if they are still active ? Do jobs posted that have been finished/done disappear from the results ? Or upon hiring ?

2. There is a risk in sending too many applications for different jobs, or even if you send two proposals depending on the magnitude of the work. The risk is not being able to have enough time to do them if more than two people hire you ( this is an imagined scenario I'm skipping all the post hiring/negotiating parts, but it is possible). How long should you wait for a response before sending another proposal for another job ? Also, how do you know if your proposal has been declined ( I believe I've read somewhere that if you've been declined than your connects return to you ) but what if it's been more than 1 week and nothing happened ? Thank you for your time reading this 


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Susan V Member Since: Apr 22, 2018
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1. You don't know if a job is truly "active" or not. If a job has been completed here on Upwork and the client has closed the job, it will disappear. If Upwork or the client cancels the job, it will disappear. In time you will see that there are many, many jobs on Upwork where someone has posted a job and decided to hire elsewhere, found someone else to do the work, or for whatever other reason just left it here.


It's worth looking at the information at the bottom of a job positng that shows when the client last visited the posting, if anyone has been hired, how many people have made a proposal, and move on if it seems unlikely you will get hired.


2. It's easy enough to decline offers and interviews if you are already busy, but now that connects aren't free, you'll probably want to be more selective about making proposals. It's less about how often to make a proposal and more about figuring out what jobs are right for you. More often than not, you will not get your connects back. No, you don't get them back if someone else is hired for the job, only if the job is canceled and no one has been hired. Once you make your proposal, assume you will not get your connects back. It will be a nice surprise for you if you do. Then move on to finding another proposal that looks right for you and forget about the ones you've already made until you hear back from the client.


Happy hunting, and good luck.