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Added 2 billing methods by mistake

Hello. I have 2 questions-problems.


1- I added a credit card by mistake and i deleted it from the billing method option. However, i've been charged 7 usd and 2 usd (more or less). Now...I can't verify it cause i deleted it before i have realized that i was already been charged.


2- As i changed my mind and added another credit card.....this second credit card was also charged for the same amount.


My questions are: Will upwork give my money back once i very the credit card? and the second question is: how can i get my money back from the card i cannot verify? Is there any way to contact any official help desk?



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Hi Adrian,


The verification amounts are refundable and will automatically be returned back to both of your cards regardless of whether you verify them or not. Let us know if you have any further questions and we'll be happy to help you.

~ Valeria
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