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Added to not to hire in Microsoft amplify

Hi Team,

Through this message I want to highlight that I am added not to hire list in Microsoft amplify project .

Actually I started working in 5his project from May 2020 as Ambassodor and due to my two years excellent performance and experience I was promoted to TL

Being TL I achieved 190 SSAT above for regular 8 months .

Suddenly My manager came to me and said he would demote me just because my team mates are not logging on time . I said give me another opportunity to fix this .

He was not agree to give me another opportunity and demoted me and sent back to Ambassador. 

I tried to reach project head Nuri , thought he would help me with this .

After 5 days of contacting him .

My account got locked , when reacived to tools team to fix , they said you have been fired your account has been suspended in Microsoft amplify project .

Incredible when you approach you higher authority instead of helping they will penalize you .

Now they have listed me not to hire in Microsoft amplify project .

I am feeling harrased.


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