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Address not recognized

The Upwork system does not recognize the existence of my home address. In the drop down menu it offers similar addresses, but all for locations in California... however I live in KY.


Hi Clare,


Could you please try entering your address manually? When your address is not found, the option to add it manually should appear below like this.


Please let us know if the issue persists,




There is no option to add it manually.


There is just text in red which says, "! This field is required" regardless of whether I have a blank street address line or partially completed street address.

Hi Clare,


I’ve shared your concern with the team. One of our team members will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket. 

~ Joanne

Hello, I'm having the same issue (I wasn't sure if I needed to create a new topic).


I tried to place my type in my address, but it could not be found. I attempted to type out my full email and Save, but I was prompted with an error to fill the Street Address field. I decided to choose an address from the auto selection (which then populated the City/State/Zip fields), and tried to change the Street Address field to my address. This time, however, I was allowed to continue, but unfortunately, the address I selected from the auto selection was used instead of the address I manually typed into the field.


Sorry for the long message, but I haven't yet been verified, and now the address is incorrect. I hope someone will be able to assist me. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Michael,


One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further with the address. Please note that a copy of the ticket will arrive in your email as well from where you can continue the correspondence with our team.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
Community Member

My address isn't being recognized, either. This site is extremely difficult to navigate, especially when needing some sort of help. I hope someone sees this. 

Hi Jennifer,


Thank you for your message. I'll have one of our customer support agents reach out to you directly to assist you with your address.


Thank you,


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