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Advice for New Freelancer

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Yaroslav E Member Since: Jul 3, 2018
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I ask you to give me advice on how to receive more responses to my proposals.

I am an experienced book and brand designer. But I'm new on Upwork.

I ask you to look at my profile description and portfolio and say what mistakes I made and what needs to be corrected.

I really want Upwork to become my main job.

Many thanks to all who respond.

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Ken W Member Since: Nov 17, 2017
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Your profile looks good. 
Keep up with keeping your profile up to date, with a good cover letter taylored to the job your applying for and you will get more responses. 

Its a process of getting upwork experience under your belt. I see you are "rising talent" which helps. If and when yo become top rated, thats when your will start to hear back from proespectice employers more often/ get invited to jobs.

Employers want to see a work history and have faith in you before hiring you over the internet, which you are well on your way to acheiving if you keep up the good work.