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I advertise myself as a diverse virtual assistant. I have many qualifications in different fields from experience and from having a degree. I was completely authentic with my client when the client first hired me about knowing Microsoft 365 and personally running my own business previously. I was hired to do an excel spreadsheet with details for a food recall and a food recall plan because said client was just opening up their first business. Client wanted things included in the food recall excel spreadsheet to track all of the food in case there is a food recall, such as: product, location, customer info, etc. I made this client a spreadsheet with 8 tabs of being able to keep track of everything plus invoices (very important in running a business). This is my first Upwork assignment- we agreed I would have it done by the end of the next day. That is including the excel spreadsheet PLUS the food recall plan which came to about 12 pages. I cut my client a huge deal because recall plans are usually around $300-500 but I didn’t even charge 1/3 of the price because I want to build my clientele. Client ended up pushing back to send the contract and had me waiting up until almost the time I promised it to be done to send the contract. I had already completed the work because I am a person of my word. We agreed on a milestone contract. I send the client the excel document I worked on with exactly what was asked for. Client already now has this document that was sent and comes back and tells me that I have invoices added into the spreadsheet and needs more product orientated details. I said “ok, what can I do to make this better for you?” I tried to fix it and even added some suggestions as to what I could do to make it better. The only response I received was “do what you feel is best”. So, I took the existing spreadsheet and added more product orientated details. I resent that document to client. Client tells me “do I even know what I’m doing. I clearly have no experience”. At this point- client now has two completed spread sheets of mine and has not sent the payment through for any of my work. I’m still willing to fix the spreadsheets so the client is happy but client continues to go on about how I’m unqualified. So now client wants to end the contract without paying me anything for any of my work and is in possession of 2 of my spreadsheets that I made. This client could easily be doing all of this to keep the spreadsheets and not pay me. I also have the 12 page recall plan which was never sent because I was never able to pass through the first milestone. Advice please?
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Retired Team Member

Hi Katlyn,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had with your client.

I would recommend submitting your work on the created milestone for you and requesting for payment. The client has 14 days to approve it or request for revisions, if no actions are taken the funds from the milestone will be released to you after 14 days. To learn more how you`re protected on fixed price contracts check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran
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