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After checking the completed task, client said task is done by someone else

Hi, My name is Najam**Edited for community guidelines**I am a full stack web developer. 


I applied for a JavaScript expert task and the cllient replied to me (my first job) and told me to do the task and asked if requirements were clear. 


I started working on the task and frequently upadated the client with the work. They reviewed the work and responded with "very impressive" and told me to add 2 more functionaities which were also mentioned in the job info. So, I worked on the job, It took me 2 days to complete the task with efficient and DRY Code and very descriptive comments. In the meantime I sent them Code to review and check if they are satisfied with it or not, and they replied "yes satisfied also add the left functionalities". After completing the task 100% as mentioned in the job, I sent them final work for review and after a few hours I got a reply "Thank You Najam, the task was done by someone else". 

The way they reacted to my Code earlier I can clearly tell that they used my code. And I frequently updated them that I am putting in hours of work and they also replied with feedback and asked me to complete it.

I dont know where was I wrong. I would appreciate any tips and help if possible and also guide me how can I solve this kind of problem and am I allowed to share screenshots of chat or not. I was waiting for an appreciation because I coded as best as possible but their reply after hours was very degrading. 

Thank you




Hi Najam,


I checked your account, but I was not able to locate any active contracts. In the future, please make sure to only start working once you have an active contract. You might want to check this help article to learn more about Upwork Payment Protection. Please also read this post and the freelancer resource corner to help you get started on Upwork. 

~ Joanne

Hi, Thank you for your response. 

I think it was not contract because It was in active proposals section and I also got an email that I got interviewed and I also got free connects, I think I confused it with contacts (this is my first time) but infact it was just active proposal and I did a mistake and provided the client with solution during discussion phase. 

I am going to read the resources you mentioned, thank you. 


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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