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Agency and team interaction to work on a client contract

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Carlos Gabriel G Member Since: Dec 27, 2018
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We are a software development company so we have many collaborators working on differents projects. 

Following a client suggestion, I just created an Upwork Angecy to work in his project. I also sent an invitation to 2 of my developers that will be the team for this project. In this moment I have the following questions:


  • Client sent my an offer, we accepted and now we have a contract. ¿How can I add persons of my team to that contract, so they can log time on this project?
  • As an Agency I'll be get payed by the client. All of my developers are part of the company team and they work full time with us (they have a salary). My team is not goint to charge the agency because the will receive their payments as a fixed monthly payment. We are using Upwork only to bill the client and tracking the time with upwork desktop application. It is that possibl with upwork? 

Thank you so much for your help.