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Agency profile visibility private ?

My Agency profile visibility is private and also of my team members. I am not able to see any option to change visibility.

Can anybody help me on this ?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Munish,

Our team has changed your visibility back to public, your agency visibility is also on public.
As for your team members they will need to contact our customer support to change their visibility.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,
Can you help me with how I can set my agency profile's visibility to private?
I would like clients that I apply for their jobs to be able to see my profile though. Is that an option?

Thank you. 

Hi Negar,


Agency's visibility depends on the visibility setting of the agency's members' profiles. So if the profile visibility of all members is set to private, the agency won't be discoverable in search. Also, your clients will be able to see your profile if you submit proposals to them. Feel free to check this help article for more info on how to get this done.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi

Thanks, Luiggi,

All my agency members profile visibilities are now set to private but my agency is still showing up in the search engines. Can you help me set the visibility of the agency profile to private?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Negar,


One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your tickets on this page.


~ Nikola
Community Member

Hi, My profile visibility is private, I want it to be public.

I also can't create an agency.

Button is invisible.

Please help!

Hi Ashwani,


Thank you for your message.


Your profile is reset and visibility is set to Public now. I see that you have recently closed your agency account. Feel free to message us here if you would need help reinstating your agency account. 


Thank you.



Hi Pradeep,

Yes, I need to reclaim my agency account.

Could you please help me in that too.

And Thanks for making my profile public.


Hello Ashwani,


I'll have one of our customer support agents reach out to you directly to assist you further.


Thank you.


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