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Dear UPwork Community! My partners and I have a company and all of us own separate UPwork accounts. Due to the fact that we are new to UPwork, we do not know how to open an agency yet .As far as I remember,we should pay an annual fee for running an agency. To whom should we transfer the money? Also,will our clients send money to the account of the CEO of the company or should we open a separate account in the bank for our company? Thanks in advance!
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Hi Yana,


Check out this two guides to learn more About Agencies and how to Manage an Agency Account.
The funds will be transferred on the Agency account on Upwork and then the agency owner will need to pay the agency members. Thank you!

~ Goran

To create a team, please go to profile's Setting>My teams>Create a team


After you reach the "Agency Plus payment request" just close the page and then go to your upwork profile page. In the top left dropdown right after your profile there will appear your agency

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How much should we pay for an agency?

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