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Almost every client wants 90% job success rate. How can I get my first job??

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I think your experience and skills matter more than your job success rate. Getting your first job is quite difficult but not impossible. Keeping your per hour rate low projects a bad impression. You should rethink on your hourly rate according to your skill level. You also can do some sample projects to display on your portfolio. It will help exhibit your skills. The key is to not lose heart. Write your proposal in an impressive way. It should be brief, to-the-point and carry necessary details about your qualifications and skills. Send it away. Do not give up on rejections. You will land your first job soon. There are many clients who prefer newbies.


Hi Mst Sabina, 


Muhammad Ahsan has given you a really good advise. You may also want to consider checking out these helpful blog articles to help you write winning proposals, improve your profile and tips on how to be successful on Upwork. Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.

~ Joanne
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You must be talking about the "Preferred qualifications" field under every job posting; that is not a requirement, It's just that clients usually prefer it over a relatively low job success score. But since you don't have one to begin with, you need not worry.

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