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Another Newbie :-)

Ace Contributor

Greetings, everyone:

I, like many others, have been putting out proposals, but not receiving any responses.  I noticed people here offer critiques of profiles, so I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some feedback.  After my profile is "spiffed up", I need to figure out how to do this and compete with people who can earn $3 per hour, which is unthinkable where I live.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.


Ace Contributor

Hi Florence,


I took a quick look at your profile. Here are a few things you could do to start.


1) Add a job title. Right now, all I see is your name and location, so I don't know what primary skillset you're offering. Are you a bookkeeper? An office manager? A virtual assistant? A designer?


2) Trim and target your overview. Once you have a job title, move all relevant experience to the top of your overview and consider cutting everything that's extraneous. Your overview as it stands looks like a bit of an information dump — there's too much in there, and it's hard to sift through and connect the dots.


3) Use bullet points in your overview to list the primary skills you offer. Don't list more than 5–7 skills, though.


4) Include a testimonial or two when you get them. Perhaps you already have some from previous work?


Also, what kinds of jobs are you applying to?






Florence, I think the lack of focus within your profile page makes you unhireable.


I have no idea who you are as a freelancer. I have no idea what you can do for me as a client.

Community Guru

Focus on one or two skills. I should think your office skills will be more marketable, and that is where you should strengthen your profile. As was mentioned, you need to come up with a title for the skillset you're going to offer.


Understand that knowing a little Photoshop does not mean you're a graphic designer. You and 5 million other people on this site, including graphic designers, know how to use Photoshop - you will not be able to compete with the many low-ball bids for photo manipulation jobs ... it's a losing battle.

Community Guru

Florence - Aside from spiffing up your profile, also concentrate on your proposal/cover letter. THAT is what hooks the client and causes them to look at your profile. On the few instances I've hired on here, the proposals were so well written that I didn't even look at those freelancer's profiles.


On another note, Saddle Brook... N.J.?? I used to work as a cashier at A&P. Is it still there on Market St?

Ace Contributor

Thanks so much for everyone's input.  To each of you:

Raph M, thank you.  I will work on that today.  I appreciate your point by point description of what needs to change.

Preston H, thank you.  I thought bullet pointing some projects that I worked on in the past would help clarify a few of the things I have done.  I'll try to figure out some other means.

Virginia F, I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I see where I called myself a graphic designer.  I don't claim to be one, but I have done design work.  Please let me know where I may be misleading in saying I'm a graphic designer.  I posted images, because some jobs listed as Virtual Assistant ask for PhotoShop and Illustrator abilities.  Thank you for your input and I will "pare down" my skills list.

Kathy T, thank you for your input about the proposal cover letter.  I do try to be more personable in my cover letter.  Some listings are hard to respond to, because they give a one or two sentence description of what they want in very general terms.  I find that a bit concerning, makes me feel like they may be bad communicators, which would make the job much harder.  I try really hard to "mimic" their style - if they are very informal and friendly sounding, I do the same, if they are more formal, I maintain a formal approach.   AND YES ... I shop at A&P, which is now ACME regularly - it is never very busy and not a humongous store so it doesn't take an age to get a few items.  🙂  I've lived in Saddle Brook for 15 years, this coming July.

Thanks so much everyone.


I would change your English to Native.