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Any Belgian users here that can help ? ?

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Lex C Member Since: Dec 1, 2020
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So I just started out here on upwork, and I'm looking for some info redarding TAX and all that jazz. 

So here is the situation. I'm from Belgium, I have my own buisness here. And I want to work on upwork with my buisness. I can see that I have the ablility to input my VAT number wich is great. But then it gets real confusing for me. 

Upworks asks me to fill out the W8-BEN form. But when I google this, it clearly says that buisnesses must use the W8-BEN-E form. So would that mean I have to fill out the W8-BEN-E form, as I have my own buisness. And it will be my buisness that recives the earnings not me as a person. 

Also I realy wonder how the invoice process goes then. Normally when I do work for a custommer I make a invoice send it and get paid. Here on upwork everything happens on the platform, and I just the money transferd to my account when I want to get paid. Do I have to make incoives to Upwork so everything is okay in the books. As I have to prove where this income comes from for mister Tax man.

How about tax ? Do I get taxed when I withdraw money ('get paid'), as I'm not a US-person. I know I have to declare my income here in belgium blablabla. 

Any info from my fellow upworkers would be awsome Smiley Happy so we can get this paperwork done asap