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Applied for Work But Connects Not Deducted

Hey there, I'm brand new to the platform and just had a quick question. 


I submitted a proposal for a job and it has the blue "APPLIED" flag attached to it, but when I go to view submitted proposals, there are none and no connects have been deducted for submitting the proposal.


I just want to make sure the proposal went through properly so I don't waste time or connects, or bother the client, by re-applying.

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Hi Zachary,

I'm seeing 2 very recently submitted proposals on your account.

If you are not seeing these under  'Find Work' > 'Proposals' then please try clearing your cache and cookies or accessing the proposals tab via another browser. I also see that the corresponding number of connects have been deducted, and you should be able to double check this in your 'Reports' tab and clicking on "Connects History".

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