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Are we allowed to speak with an upwork contractor on skype or zoom

Hi, I'm not actually new to Upworks, but I have a new requirement that involves a creative process. Are we allowed to speak with contractors, rather than only connect with text. I have found that the creative time together on certain projects makes things better.

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re: "Are we allowed to speak with an upwork contractor on Skype or Zoom?"



Clients may communicate with Upwork freelancers they have hired using ANY method of communication. Skype and Zoom are both fine. Phone. Email. Meet in person. After you have hired a freelancer/contractor, any method is fine.


BEFORE you hire a freelancer, clients must communicate via Upwork, but that INCLUDES Upwork's built-in Zoom. So if you want to talk to a freelancer BEFORE you hire him officially, feel free to use Upwork Messages tool's variety of communication methods: text/chat/messages, audio call, videoconferencing call, built-in Zoom.

Thank you for the prompt reply, this is very positive news.
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