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Ask me anything about Upwork

Hi everyone!

I am creating this post to welcome all new as well as existing freelancers here on Upwork. Those who are new here I welcome you all! Please feel free to ask me as many questions and concerns you have related to upwork and I will answer them.


Looking forward to collaborate here with talent.


Best Regards


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Why do you have your Earnings Private versus Public since potential clients can't see the size of projects you handle? Thanks!

Hi William!

I believe your job success score and clients ratings are more important than overall earnings. But I really liked the question you asked 🙂



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When do you think upwork will turn a profit, and what measures will they take to achieve it?

Could you explain it a bit more?


Thank you

Explain that upwork never made a profit? 

I really can't explain it. 

My question to you was when they will turn a profit and how.

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What is the best way to find an alternate source of revenue for Upwork if people don't like connects? Is it an equal income if Upwork were to raise the cost of connects, considering some will not be able to afford them and they will drop out? How much would Upwork need to raise the connects to equal the funds they are making now, while eliminating many garbage proposals?


Why are you setting yourself up as an expert, when Upwork already has the work presented in easy to consume segments? How soon will this be monetized? Just asking now to save time.


Do you inform your clients that you use other freelancers?

Jeanne H wrote:

Do you inform your clients that you use other freelancers?

What is that (implied) allegation based on?

working on a screenshot for the post

It's nearly impossible to try and do screenshots.

IDK about MacOS, but Windows is pretty easy: Windows + SHIFT + S

for mac its command + shift + 4

I truly agree about what you said, that Upwork has many sources available for freelancers, however I am here to help people who are mostly new and they have confusions.

I don't use other freelancers, I just work on projects all by myself.

I also have no idea, why you think that  I am using other freelancers. I would be really greatfull, if you can eloborate a little bit.

You didn't answer my questions. I was serious about my questions, which you didn't answer, and now you are asking me questions unstead of answering mine.


As I said, why do you set yourself up as an expert for newcomers when the information is already there? It is an honest question.

I understand your question. My post is for community of freelancers here in Pakistan and as far as I know most of newcomers don't go and read out things provided out here. They always look for the shortest ways possible to get things done, specifically when it comes to information related to freelancing platform. They will look out for some youtube videos, or some other videos they get from other people, or sometime they have questions in their mind which they want to be answered by someone who has a little bit of experience related to that certain platform.

I am truly not saying that I am THE expert. But I am here to help as much as I can and with honesty. Hope this answers your question 🙂

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Tough crowd. 

I thought so, too. Some itchy clicker fingers

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It's the era of Ai tech. What is the future of freelancing?

AI can't replace each and everything. Freelancing is growing comparatively to other occupations, I believe

Freelancing isn't an occupation. It is a business model.

Agreed, by choice people opt it as an occupation here in Pakistan

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Its good of you to offer help for newcomers on the platform. Just make sure what you say is accurate and up-to-date. There are help articles available but so many newcomers just don't put in the effort to go through it all, and just want a quick answer to their question, or a quick solution to their problem, so your thread could be helpful.

Thank you so much Bilal, and this is what I intended and started this topic. Too many freelancers don't read and try to jump in without having a basic knowledge of platform and what it is offering.

Thank you once again

Do you really think it is beneficial to save them from that, or would it be better if they learned to do their homework and became better equipped to run successful businesses? 

You are absolutely right, again I want to mention that people here do less homework and try to get much more from someone who has experience, which can save them time to avoid mistakes or anything that many newcomers make.

And I am specifically talking about Pakistani Community.

Even experienced freelancers can give wrong information. Why not send people to the original source?

I always verify information that I want to convey. I truly believe if someone is asking for help there is nothing wrong in helping them, and I am sure as a freelancer you are helping alot of people who are trying to get knowledge about freelancing.

This is what I intend to do here. And I welcome everyone on this post, if they see anyone asking anything, everyone is welcome to answer any question..



Yes, I help people. However, as the adage says, I teach them to fish instead of doing everything for them, including catching, preparing, and cooking the fish. I have no interest in helping anyone too lazy to do the work themselves.


Upwork is not a training ground for unskilled people. And no, I have no sympathy for the majority because they just want money and think life is so unfair, they can’t have it for no effort. I don’t care who you are, what country you come from, your background, or economic status; you either have the skills now, or you don’t. If you don’t, Upwork is not the place, and neither are other online platforms.


The majority of freelancers never, ever get a single job. It’s cruel to encourage people who will only lose money by telling them to add videos or boost or add skills, when none of it matters. I am routinely accused of being cruel or mean to new freelancers. It is the ones who tell people who will never get a job, that if they do this, they will succeed, who are cruel.

I still see no reason for anyone to set themselves up as an expert, when the work has already been done, and we have official responses. That is my opinion.




We encourage our members to share their successes, achievements and experience and offer help to others. It’s also perfectly fine for new members to ask for help and feedback and to use the forums and groups to network and connect. That’s exactly what the forums are for.
The goal is not to compete with resources like Academy, but for members to learn, connect and find helpful information in whatever way works best for them and their learning and communication styles. Please, refrain from discouraging members from using forums to offer and find help. New members who may be in the beginning of their journey now may upskill, learn, adapt and succeed in the future. 

~ Valeria
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi All,


A friendly reminder to keep the discussion friendly and civil. Please, refrain from ad hominem attacks and public accusations of misconduct. If you see something that may be a violation of Upwork TOS or Community Guidelines, please use appropriate tools to flag it privately.

It is totally okay for members to proactively offer help and share their experience using Upwork. It may not be helpful to some but may be very helpful to others. Just like there are many approaches to using Upwork, there are also many ways to learn about this platform. 


Thank you. 

~ Valeria
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Why do the scammers appear as payment verified? and why do the same ones keep appearing over and over? Does that mean they are never taken off the platform?

Not necessarily. Scammers use the same script, and copy (steal) scripts from each other. They could be a handful of people in an apartment somewhere, or hundred in a call center setting. 

Payment verified means only that a credit card was verified with a very small amount. That credit card could have been stolen. 

Yes, sometimes, I agree. I adjusted my search and it stopped for a while, but now they have learned and are publishing jobs in a way that you can only identify them when they say: "please send me a telegram for further instructions", by the way, why do they prefer telegram? 

Upwork takes certain measures to take off such people from platform, and I believe its our duty to report them. This is why upwork always mentions to keep conversations on upwork, get contract through upwork and try not to go outside of the platform even if they are offering you thousands of $s.

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Hi Muddasar‚

Is it possible to hack upwork account? I've seen some posts on forums where someone says, "My Upwork account has been hacked." How can I keep my Upwork account safe from hackers?



Hi Nahid!
Hope you are fine. I am using upwork for quiet sometime and never heard or saw post like this. I always recommend to use methods that Upwork has provided to keep your account safe.




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I m here for the first time I personally don't know how to use this online platform ,if you advise me regarding this matter that will b your kindness thanks



Hi Syeda,


Welcome to Upwork! It looks like you are still in process of building your profile. We’re here to help you navigate the world of online work. Let’s start with the basics here at Upwork. Below there are a few Upwork Academy courses to help you get started:
Additionally, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork. We hope you find these online resources useful in your Upwork journey.


Thank you,


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