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Ask the client a question


Is there a means to ask the client a question before a proposal is sent? All jobs and skills are different and where a client might post revelant detail for computer based jobs, they might not neccesarily do the same for bespoke jobs, such as design, crafts.etc...equally, these type of jobs tend to be the lowest compensated in general and would be wasting connects, just to ask a relevant question to a posted job, that doesn't have specifics needed.


e.g JOB POSTED BY CLIENT. Looking for someone to sew some bags. Approximately 100. Ongoing work a possibility...

This is not enough information for the freelancer to use connects in order to send a proposal, as in this case, depending on fabrics and sizes, will determine if the freelancer has the appropriate equipment or experience etc...and not end up 'wasting' connects. Therefore they would ask the client for more information before making a proposal.


So is there a contact means?

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It IS possible to ask a client a question.


If you see a job post that you are interested in, you may ask any questions you want within "cover letter" section.


Clients APPRECIATE the fact that a freelancer has clearly read the job posting and has a real understanding of their situation.


You are far more likely to be interviewed and hired if you ask thoughtful questions than a freelancer who simply copies-and-pastes a generic "cover letter" that doesn't even relate to the client's project.


Don't worry about committing to anything if the answers to your questions reveal that this project isn't a good fit for you. When you submit a proposal to a job posting, you are only STARTING A CONVERSATION. There is no committment implied whatsoever.


Can you send questions to a client who posted a job posting without using connects?


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